Hard, melodic and straight to the point! Disintegrate, from the north of Holland, has a definite preference for well-balanced arrangements and raw, energetic vocal lines, nicely served with a feisty death metal-sauce. Every musician in Disintegrate has the freedom to develop his skills and show his musical prowess, thus creating a grooving mixture of aggression and melody.

Disintegrate is the brain child of Danny Boonstra, Leo van Leijen and Jos Hindriks. When they started the band in 2005, a clear statement was defined outlining the structure and content for Disintegrate; intelligent melodic death/thrash metal with no boundaries. The band really took flight with the addition of Joran Dijkstra and Sander Stegeman. By releasing the MCD Destructive Capacity, Disintegrate received a lot of attention and also played on the prestigious Waldrock festival in 2009 alongside bands like Carcass, Killswitch Engage and Heaven & Hell.

In 2012 the band signed with renowned German label Massacre Records to release their debut album "Parasites of a Shifting Future" on July 27 2012. Meanwhile, Disintegrate continues to write music for a second album as well as bringing their music to the stage with an energetic live show.


Disintegrate is