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Jun. 03 2014

Hi there.

It is with great pride we can announce that we will be supporting Swedish legends Darkane on their show on October 3 at Het Bolwerk in Sneek. Other bands playing are Kayser from Sweden and Dutch band Edge of Serenity. Hope to see you there! 

Oct. 31 2013

Next sunday we will be playing the 058 Benefit at Schaaf City Theater Leeuwarden. 

On October 19, while we were playing a show in Vierlingsbeek, a great fire destroyed part of the centre of our hometown Leeuwarden. Houses and stores went up in flames, the birthhouse of Mata Hari was completely destoyed and very sadly a 24 year old man did not survive.

Now, on November 3, we will take part in a benefit for the victims of this tragedy. 

Sep. 26 2013

Disintegrate will be headlining the 16th edition of Beukfeest in Gryphus, Vierlingsbeek on the 19th of October.

Aug. 15 2013

Hey all,

After a much needed summer break in which we continued to write our second album and Danny became a father, we will return to the stage on September 7 at the Occultfest in Hoogeveen.

See you there!


Apr. 15 2013

Over the past few months we have been rehearsing in a different line-up. Leo van Leijen and Sander Stegeman have officially switched duties in Disintegrate.

Leo has been our guitar player since 2005, but began his journey in Disintegrate as a bass player. Because we were unable to find a suitable guitar player at the time, he took on the role of guitar player. Sander Joined the band in 2009 as a stand-in bass player, but decided to join permanently later that year. Over time both Leo and Sander started to feel more and more uncomfortable in their roles.

We are all very pleased with the line-up we have had for the past four years and have become a strong goup of friends since, so we have decided to deal with this is the only logical manner. Leo and Sander will switch back to their natural instruments and make our collective even stronger!